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¡Hola! May we present ourselves?

GranCar Cuba ... Caramba, that’s us! 

This introduction is about us but not just about us. Also, about you, about creative and adventurous travel. About them; hundreds of American classic cars - Cuba's cultural heritage. And it's about their skilled drivers.

This About us is about the best of all worlds. 

GranCar Cuba

We are the exclusive partner of the Cuban umbrella organization, which coordinates almost the entire ‘fleet’ of classic cars. Because of their qualities, these vintage cars are perfectly suitable for tourism.
We have been closely involved in the development of classic car services in this beautiful country, since 2002.
Whereas in the beginning vintage cars mainly functioned as emblematic taxis (they still do), today they provide interactive, cultural sightseeing with a beautiful panorama. After all, the 21st-century traveler seeks more authentic experiences, searches for Cuba itself, the way life takes place behind beautiful scenes. 500 years after Columbus you discover your own Cuba.

The largest classic car community in the world 

What are we going to do with this wonderful world on a thousand wheels? With this collection of cool classic cars from the '50s? With these vital 60+ seniors who have to exercise to stay healthy?

Carefully, we have listened to our audience, and created Drives for you; meticulously elaborated programs, stylish journeys through hallucinating Havana (and beyond).
Local guides, local drivers know the way to your interests in this unique island. This way, we connect you and your wishes with the largest classic car community in the world. All parties can benefit from the maximum added value.

A wide range of interesting Drives has been crafted to share our enthusiasm for Cuba (and old-timers) with you.
Traditional transport services, such as a ride to the airport, to the beach or a classic city tour, understandably maintain. Drives, however, are more thematic, cultural and informative as well as pleasurable (pub crawling, enjoy nature or dine with your beloved ones). 

Compose your own travel menu with our ingredients or let us advise you. We are happy to help you. Our local roots and Cuba knowledge combine international tourism standards with Cuban charm. This way we also support the Cuban private sector, the local economy and the families that depend on it.

Thanks to our advanced booking and payment options allow you to book last-minute.  Private, with family or friends, fully organized or a self-organized and improvised road movie.  

Cultural heritage

What the gondolas are for Venice, the windmills for the Netherlands, are the classic cars for Cuba. They are iconic, majestic and stunning. Fords, Chevrolets, Buicks, Oldsmobile, and Plymouths; cabriolets or hardtop cars in more colors than the rainbow. An armada of horsepower with their exuberant and graceful '50s design. 

Join, come on board, let yourself be princely driven, witness, imagine yourself Al Capone, meet people, exchange with your driver, enjoy the spectacle.

GranCar drives to serve the best of all worlds! ¡Hasta Cuba siempre! 



Travel Harmony with GranCar and Cuba Travel Network

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